The Emergency Relief Bed (EFB-1051)**PATENT PENDING** is designed for emergency medical response where mobility and quick setup are priority. This domestically-built, robust bed is constructed from steel finished with an impermeable coating.


The Emergency Relief Bed (EFB-1051) is designed with an adjustable head that can be tilted to angles of 18°, 30°, 40°, 51°, 62°, 73° which are measured from the bed lying flat. The foot raise is available upon request as a custom option. This bed can accommodate a maximum capacity of 450 LBS. Dimensions include a length of 81”, a width of 37”, and an ideal height of 24” (Measured from the foot to the top of the flat mattress). Fastbeds have a unique folding design which allows for easy stacking and storage.

Emergency Relief Bed

SKU: EFB-1051
  • The steel frame of each bed is finished in a durable coating and has a 450 LBS weight capacity. This impermeable coating protects the steel from bad odor, staining, premature degradation and the spreading of bacteria.